WHY we continue to do WHAT we do

The struggle just got a bit easier…

It’s been an extraordinary journey in the (nearly) 2 years of DI history.  With an enormous workload from every angle and the many obstacles and challenges to overcome along the way, we are always reminded of the “why” behind the “what”.  Why we continue to do what we do with what’s been given in our hands to make a difference in our neighbourhood.

While we are truly blessed to receive so many messages of support, encouragement and gratitude from many of those people in need who are fed through the gifting of meals reached through our organisation partnerships (The House Of GraceWomens Refuge & Arise Care), we also delight in hearing the testimonies of just how impacting these meals are from our customers who within their own struggles still have the willingness to help others just by ordering with us.

We commend their courage and heart and we thank them for empowering the act of generosity, You’re an inspiration for us all!

“Thank you and the rest of the team for always being understanding. I deal with a mental health condition that sometimes makes getting any of the little things done next to impossible, including things like juggling bills. Making sure I can keep working full time often takes up all of my mental energy most days. DINNERin is sometimes the only reason I eat anything decent at all and it’s so amazing to have decent, hearty food in the fridge ready for whenever my schedule allows me to eat, and it makes that part of my life infinitely easier to manage.

Thank you for the incredible work you and the team do.”     

– Anonymous Supporter and Customer of DI

“THANK YOU!!!! You have saved my life. I have mental health issues and there’s a lot of nights where I just can’t be bothered cooking dinner at all because I’m numb and severely anxious. The kai is so wholesome and it has really lifted my spirits!! So thank you so much for having my back and giving me a lift when I feel really awful. It’s just sooo good. Bless all of ya!! Xo”

– Kaitlyn of Upper Hutt – Supporter and Customer of DI

Whenever you order a week fo meals, DINNERin donate extra meals to a family in need.

Order a delicious wholesome meal for your loved ones, and help put food on the table for those less fortunate.