When you order DINNERin, you’re helping young mums at the House of Grace

dinnerin - donate prepared meals to house of grace

The House of Grace is a Wellington residential care home for pregnant young women aged from 12 to 23 who need help. We provide meals to the home as part of our commitment to give one meal away for every 10 we sell.

DINNERin chose to help the House of Grace because we love how they do things. They run their home like a big, supportive family, which is exactly what their vulnerable residents need.

Young women who stay at the House of Grace learn parenting, budgeting and life skills while they prepare for the birth of their babies. They can also top up their schooling to improve future job prospects.

Many of the home’s mums choose to keep their babies; others choose the adoption route. There’s no pressure on the women either way because the House of Grace takes a nonjudgemental, modern approach to the challenges of life. The volunteers who work at the home have leadership, counseling and business experience that helps with big decisions.

An important part of living at the House of Grace is learning to eat well. After all, there’s no time the human body needs good nutrition more than when it’s making a baby human! The meals provided by DINNERin are both nutritious and delicious, so they are gratefully received.

Fiona Collins, Area Manager for the Wellington home, explains how our meals are making a difference:

“We just want to say a huge THANK YOU to DINNERin for the meals The House of Grace received last week. Not only were they delicious (the house family and residents are looking forward to next week’s meals already), but the timing could not have been more perfect. We had a new mum and baby arrive home from hospital unexpectedly, another mum going through labour at the home, extra errands required due to some services being closed the next day, and an urgent trip out for a baby car seat and formula. Needless to say, a preprepared and delicious meal from DINNERin was such a huge blessing we just can’t thank you enough! We really appreciate your support.”

At DINNERin we’re quick to remind ourselves that it’s our customers who really deserve the praise. When you order meals from us, you’re not just simplifying your busy week; you’re helping Wellington charities do important work that makes New Zealand a wonderful place to live.