How it works:

Enjoy your day…

Because your nights are taken care of.

Deciding what to do for dinner shouldn’t be stressful…

It’s super hard deciding what you and your family want to eat – somebody always wants something different. With DINNERIn, we help you decide what to have for dinner with our pre-planned vegetarian menus.


Healthy nutrient-dense vegetarian meals that pack a punch.

We source our ingredients from local farmers and producers around the Wellington region, so that each and every meal is fresh, healthy and (pre)packed with nutritional value. 

Start saving time

Dinner time just got a whole lot faster

Meaning more time for you & your family.

Ready in minutes, not hours.

Our goal is to save you more time so you can spend it doing what you love. Thats why our meals have been pre-packaged for you to either heat in the oven or microwave in the blink of an eye!


New tasty menu each week

With a new menu each week, you get to try a whole variety of cuisines and meals that your family will love – all vegetarian meals of course!

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Taste is delicious

❝ I remember ‘Meals on Wheels’ being delivered to my grandmother. The smell of them wasn’t a fond memory. However, these ‘DINNERin’ meals are way beyond anything you could dream of. The sight is appetising and appealing, the smell is divine and the taste is delicious and moreish.❞

Sherrilyn - The Hutt / Facebook

Very calming!

❝ Opening a box full of nicely packed meals and then storing them in the fridge was a great experience – having all the preparation already taken care of was very calming. ❞

Chrissy - Wgtn City / Facebook

Tastes homemade

❝ Being a single mum of 3 children and working full time, I love the meals. They taste homemade and fresh. So easy and quick to pop into the microwave. Having the kids grandparents helping out in the evenings with after school activities as well as meal times, I would also consider adding on another subscription of 2 people just for them. ❞

Ruby - Johnsonville


This weeks vegetarian menu


Vegetarian Jalfrezi with Turmeric Spiced Rice. 

Tender vegetables cooked in a green chili curry sauce served on white rice with a spicy turmeric twist!

Korean Tofu w Bao Buns, Pickled Vegetables, and Korean Mayo. 

We’re taking you to the streets of Korea with our fresh & flavourful Bao buns!

Mushroom Stroganoff with Penne Pasta and Green Beans. 

A classic autumnal casserole full of hearty flavours that are guaranteed to warm you up on these chilly evenings!

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms and Chive Cream Sauce with Glazed Root Vegetables & Mashed Potatoes. 

Who says you need meat for a tasty meal? This mushroom and vegetable medley packs all the flavour with none of the meat!

Gnocchi with Pesto, Tomatoes and Mediterranean Vegetables. 

Soft light pillows of potato pasta served up delicious Mediterranean vegetables and a punchy pesto sauce. 

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