Meet Val – One of DINNERIn’s Dearest.

Even just 5 minutes in the company of this lovely lady will leave you feeling a tidal wave of emotions – predominantly joy and inspiration! Val’s story has been an admirable one, filled with a vast array of experiences and adventures that we could sit and listen to all day. But we just wanted to […]

Baking and desserts made with love – DINNERin Add Ons

DINNERin Chef Hands

DINNERin’s desserts and sweet treats Add something special to your week for minimal added cost. Enjoy a slice with your morning coffee or reward yourself with dessert when the day is done. As they say, a little of what you fancy does you good! Our pastry chef Kaustubh does magical things in his part of […]

DINNERin believes in fresh, wholesome meals

With a wealth of knowledge and 75 years’ experience for just 5 of our chefs, DINNERin draws on each chef’s international background and abilities to create a “WOW factor” for each and every recipe and fresh produce menu creation. DINNERin utilises the expertise of our chefs with European, Asian and Indian backgrounds. We pride ourselves […]