Are Your Elderly Parents Eating as Well as They Could Be?

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Can you remember when your Mum used to make sure you ate all the healthy things – and no dessert until you ate all your dinner??? Well, now it’s your turn to do the same to them ? – get that smirk off your face LOL.

Whether you’re a senior or just living on your own, making healthy meals can sometimes become less of a priority. Its easiest just to whip up something quick and unhealthy. Sadly, many elderly of our senior parents live by themselves and sometimes we can’t always be there to help. At DINNERin, we understand the challenges of helping senior family members to look after themselves, especially from a nutritional standpoint.

That’s why we’ve developed single portion meals (and the menu changes every week) – ready meals delivered for the elderly that seniors who are fiercely resisting the call of the retirement village or rest home can receive weekly via subscription.

Many older people just aren’t ready to sell their home and move into assisted living. They want to maintain their independence for as long as possible, calling on outside care when needed. DINNERin provides the ultimate kind of outside care with premade meals delivered to the door.  And prices start from a very economic & wastage free $66.00 per week for 3 nights [inclusive of delivery across Wellington]

Delicious, fresh (not frozen) nutritious heat-and-eat meals (either microwave or oven heat) that ensure older people living independently are getting the food groups, vitamins and minerals they need. The recipes we use are tried-and-trusted family favourites, as well as more contemporary recipes that liven things up a bit.

Talking about our food with your elderly parent, family member or friend is always a good conversation starter! It’s time to honour them for everything they did for you when you were growing up & continue to this day.

Give it a go with a 3-night, 5-night order or 7-night order. Choose from our delicious menu which is available for households of one, two, three, four, five and six people, or just take the bull by the horns and order DINNERin today for an elder person who needs a few good square meals. They will thank you for it!!!

Check out our single portions menu here