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DINNERin’s desserts and sweet treats

Add something special to your week for minimal added cost. Enjoy a slice with your morning coffee or reward yourself with dessert when the day is done. As they say, a little of what you fancy does you good!

Our pastry chef Kaustubh does magical things in his part of the kitchen. We watch with fascination as he turns simple ingredients into sweet works of art that travel all over Wellington, bringing smiles to kids’ faces, coffee catch-ups and after-dinner conversations.

Kaustubh works with recipes that he’s finely tuned during his years of baking and making. You can choose from traditional favourites like tangy lemon cake or bread and butter pudding (definitely NOT a poor man’s pudding), or try something you haven’t tasted before, such as our Ginger Loaf. And if you’re having friends around for dinner, the chocolate marquise will keep the compliments coming.

For regular DINNERin customers, ordering some sweet extras is a piece of cake. Your selections will be delivered along with your meals.
If you’re not a DINNERin customer yet, find out how it works.

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