Meet Val – One of DINNERIn’s Dearest.

Even just 5 minutes in the company of this lovely lady will leave you feeling a tidal wave of emotions – predominantly joy and inspiration!

Val’s story has been an admirable one, filled with a vast array of experiences and adventures that we could sit and listen to all day.

But we just wanted to introduce you to an exceptional lady named Valerie, who we have had the privilege to acquaint ourselves with through our DINNERIn meal gifting service.

Val is a 70-year-old full-time worker at the Mary Potter, where she has worked for 6 years – and shows no sign of slowing down!

Her positive outlook on life is unreal, even though a little camera shy, her joyful attitude is super infectious to everybody around her.

Val is the biggest people-person, and will always look out for anybody she surrounds herself with – no matter the time of day! She is the hardest worker and continues to raise a beautiful granddaughter on her own.

Val has always supported and loved our service – and this is what she has to say about DINNERIn:

“It’s an exciting feeling not only to receive our tasty DINNERIn meals at the door but also nice to be able not to cook due to a long day of work. The hard part is which meal to choose from since they’re all appetizing and have a wide variety.  My granddaughter and I thank the DINNERIn team for their service. Blessings.”

Every meal that YOU order from DINNERIn helps to provide people in need with food on their table.

We want to thank everybody who has helped us to support those who need it most, as you’re helping us make a change in their lives!

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