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to those in need


All our meal components are vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness.  Produced FRESH not frozen and with NO gas flushing!  With a shelf life of 5-6 days refrigerated and up to 9 months when frozen.  Your meals are packaged according to type of Meal Bag chosen, therefore they are not individually packaged unless a 1 Person Meal Bag is chosen.  This is to reduce plastic and packaging waste, making it better for people and the planet!



Announcing the Fully Certified Recyclable, Biodegradable and 100% Home Compostable Food Trays  

With these new Food Trays *replacing our Plastic Recyclable CPET Containers, this is a HUGE win for the environment and us.  Any revolutionary packaging that improves our current setup is part of who we are as we are always looking at better ways to make us a more efficient and sustainable company!   

* DINNERin will be phasing in the new BIOPAP Food trays based on sizes suitable and available for use.
** BIOPAP Containers are supplied exclusively through Contour International.


Key Features: Freezable and dual-ovenable (-40°C to 215°C)
Compliant with NZ food safety standards:
Recyclable, biodegradable and 100% HOME compostable

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Closed Circle Packaging

At DINNERin, we are always looking for ways to improve and better our service in every area that we can. One of the initiatives that we believe is important, is encouraging the “Closed Circle Packaging” concept, by collecting the Meal Bags and Gel Ice Sheets each week* which our lovely customers leave out for the courier to collect.  We hope to provide more solutions to reducing waste by reusing and helping the environment and ALL of us in the process.

*Courier collection is made at the same time when a Meal Bag is delivered.

Taking our Customers’ Initiative

While recycling and bio-degradable solutions are better than just throwing things in the bin, we want to adopt more of the “reuse” approach. Already, some of our customers have provided great insights and steered us in the right direction with also many stories of how effective this approach can be.

One of our customers is collecting the black CPET containers and donating them to the local school Art Class where they are using these containers for storing paints/ pastels/ coloured pencils etc. Another has told us that the Ice Gel Sheets are being cut into the smaller squares and used as ice packs for their rugby team’s first aid kit.

Passing On The Savings

We are super impressed at how our customers have really taken to the “collection service” of the Cooler Bag and Ice Gel Sheets, which means we can reuse most of these for future orders. This then, accompanied with other improvements, means we are able to reduce waste, reduce time and reduce cost which is also due to your efforts in partnering with us in this initiative.

As a result, we want to say a huge THANK YOU and pass these cost savings onto yourselves, therefore making your Meal Bags even more affordable.