Meals given


to those in need

DINNERin Meal Donations

DINNERin distributes gifted pre-cooked meals through reputable organisations, who pass the meals on to households or individuals in need. Our first partners include Arise Care, Wellington Women’s Refuge and House of Grace.

It’s tough out there, especially when you think you’re doing life alone, so we want to help make it a little less tough. Through your valued support and ongoing subscription, we will be able to feed more households going through a season of crisis. A wise woman once said…
“The greatest good is what we do for one another”.

Just by ordering with DINNERin, you contribute to feeding someone else in need.

Gift DINNERIn to somebody you know 

Know somebody who could use a little extra support? Maybe someone who has had a new baby? Someone who has just moved house would welcome not having to cook dinner while unpacking those many boxes or Just because!  We want to make sure everybody has dinner on their table – so why not add an order or bump up your Meal Bag and give those extra meals to that someone in need. Your generosity will make a very big difference in the life of someone else.


We’re making a difference

While developing the concept of Dinnerin, it became very clear that we want to lend a hand or pay it forward by helping people in a season of short term crisis.

Aware that food is one of the fundamental necessities in life, we decided to help make a difference by gifting our pre-cooked dinners to people in need. It’s our way of relieving some financial pressure or simply enabling a much needed break from meal preparation.

We all go through seasons in life and when people are facing tough times we can all join together and contribute to something very worthwhile.

Wellness within a home is valued, joy within a home is precious, unity within a home is uplifting; people looking out for one another is our purpose, so join with us and let’s live it!

pre-cooked meals for family - dinnerin
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pre-cooked meals for family - dinnerin