Meals given


to those in need


What’s on the Menu?

At DINNERin, we have created a menu selection of tasty prepared meals using seasonal produce and flavours.  This means you will be able to choose a good old Kiwi fave as well as trying more adventurous dishes you have yet to taste.  Standard as well as vegetarian meals available for your selection.  See here.


How often does the Menu change?

We all like variety, especially when it comes to mealtimes. So with a 8-10 weekly menu change as well as seasonal changes, this should keep the palette tempted, whilst keeping the most popular meals that everyone likes to devour all the time on the menu offering.


What your ordering means?

Just by ordering with DINNERin, you contribute to feeding someone else in need.  DINNERin distributes gifted pre-cooked meals through reputable organisations, who pass the meals on to households or individuals in need. Our first partners include Arise Care, Wellington Women’s Refuge and The House of Grace.


How is my DINNERin meal delivered?

DINNERin meal delivery covers the urban areas of the Greater Wellington Region and more delivery zones are coming soon. All orders placed before 1pm on a Monday will be delivered to your household the following Friday between 1pm and 6pm – (for all those that live in the Wider Wellington Region) and Saturday mornings from 7am-1pm (for all those that live in the Kapiti Region).  DINNERin meals are chilled for delivery, so please refrigerate as soon as possible.


How are my meals packaged?

All our meal components are vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness.  Produced FRESH not frozen and with NO gas flushing!  With a shelf life of 5-6 days refrigerated and up to 9 months when frozen.  Your meals are packaged according to type of Meal Bag chosen, therefore they are not individually packaged unless a 1 Person Meal Bag is chosen.  This is to reduce plastic and packaging waste, making it better for people and the planet!


The DINNERin collection/recycling service?

DINNERin offers a collection service for your Cooler Bags and Gel Ice Sheets (within the Wgtn Region only).  This provides us with the ability to “reuse” and reduce waste at the same time.  The courier will collect these upon each delivery.  All other CPET containers and Vacuum Bags can be rinsed and added to your household recycling while the BIOPAP (white) containers are fully compostable.

How do I prepare/plate up my DINNERin meal?

All meal components are colour coded so you know what components complete a whole meal. In most cases we separate protein, carbs and veges/salad. Follow all the heating instructions as per the labelling and then plate up and enjoy!

Do you supply nutritional information?

Nutritional Information including the ingredients list is provided on each food item label. Please consider these as a guideline only.  We believe our meals are apportioned well as most complete meals are between 450-500g.  

Subscription Info

Subscription Sign Up:

By signing up to a DINNERin subscription you agree to be charged the agreed amount on a weekly basis until you either put your DINNERin subscription on hold or cancel your DINNERin subscription.  Subscription pricing is 10% less than single purchase orders.

Loyalty Rewards – Subscribe & Save

When you subscribe, we will also reward you with a percentage discount for remaining on a weekly consecutive subscription.

1 Person Meal Bags – an additional 10% discount redeemed on the 3rd week and 15% discount redeemed on the 7th week and then 20% discount every 7th week thereafter.

2-3 Person Meal Bags –  an additional 15% discount redeemed on the 3rd week and 20% discount redeemed on the 7th week and then 25% discount every 7th week thereafter.

4-6 Person Meal Bags – an additional 20% discount redeemed on the 3rd week and 25% discount redeemed on the 7th week and then 30% discount every 7th week thereafter.

Conditions apply: 
*applies only to consecutive weekly subscribers
*includes all active and current subscriptions

Subscription Cancellation:

To cancel your DINNERin weekly meal subscription, simply navigate to the ‘Subscriptions’ tab within the ‘My Account’ menu. All changes to subscriptions must be made before Monday 1pm to stop the same week’s order.

Single Purchase Info

Single Purchases can also be made therefore no need to subscribe.  This is a great way to try us for your first time without needing to subscribe.


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available by emailing with your requests.  Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash and are to be redeemed in one delivery and in line with our terms of service as per our website info.  Gift Vouchers have an expiry of 3 months from payment date of Gift Voucher.  They can also be emailed to the person you are gifting to on your behalf.