Meals given


to those in need

What We Do For Wellington

Through your valued support and ongoing subscriptions we have been able to partner with organisations making a difference and give back to the community.

We’re helping feed those in need and to give people a hand up while they’re getting back on their feet. Whatever short term crisis or change they’re facing, such as a loss in the family, loss of a job, poor health diagnosis or getting used to a new addition to the family, we can help.

We’re able to support the Wellington Women’s Refuge with much-needed charity meals thanks to our generous customers.

We’ve also formed a partnership to provide charity ready meals to support young mothers in need through House of Grace.

Let’s continue to bless them with gifted meals and make the change a better one until they are back on their feet again!

To learn more about our community work, find great recipes and get time-saving ideas for meal preparation check our DINNERin food blog.

If you’d like to get in touch about our community work, here’s how to contact us.

What Others Have Said

❝ Bonus – hardly any dishes, no preparation! Easy Peasy! ❞ – Bill & Joy

❝ I remember ‘Meals on Wheels’ being delivered to my grandmother. The smell of them wasn’t a fond memory. However, these ‘DINNERin’ meals are way beyond anything you could dream of. The sight is appetising and appealing, the smell is divine and the taste is delicious and moreish.❞

Sherrilyn & Rob

❝ Opening a box full of nicely packed meals and then storing them in the fridge was a great experience – having all the preparation already taken care of was very calming. ❞

Chrissy & Steve

❝ Being a single mum of 3 children and working full time, I love the meals. They taste homemade and fresh. So easy and quick to pop into the microwave. Having the kids grandparents helping out in the evenings with after school activities as well as meal times, I would also consider adding on another subscription of 2 people just for them. ❞