Meals given


to those in need

Life is busy, whether you’re running a business, working, dealing with deadlines, at home with children or taking them to and from school and their after-school activities. It all takes time and what’s left is too precious to be wasted on meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, cooking, cleaning up and serving each and every day.

Food bags aren’t the best solution for everybody, they only take care of planning and shopping. So how can we get more of that quality time back?

This question led us to form the DINNERin prepared meal delivery service; to help turn around time-poor lives. Between the three of us, we have more than 50 years’ expertise in the food and hospitality sector. We feel we have come up with the near perfect solution – weekly meals made fresh and affordable, delivered weekly to Wellington families and households wanting to take back time.

We are all Wellington hospitality industry staff, catering specialists and lovers of food who recognise the value of shared meals in our lives. While sitting together, we all agreed on how challenging our lives had become – too busy and overly complex.

We wanted to find a solution, a way to take back some of the valuable time we felt we had lost. The one thing we could agree on was the need for more ‘time’ and what we would do if we had more. Enter home-delivered meals! 

Allow us to save you time by delivering complete ready meals for your household.

We lovingly design, prepare and cook your delicious complete meals. There’s no need for you to buy extra items. You choose how many days you’d like us to feed you, order prepared meals online, have them delivered, then heat and serve onto your plate within minutes for instant gratification. You can microwave or oven bake our meals, it’s up to you.

Just think what you could do with all that extra time.

Your DINNERin Team:

Katrina, Trish and Laurence

What We Do For Wellington

Through your valued support and ongoing subscriptions we have been able to partner with organisations making a difference and give back to the community.

We’re helping feed those in need and to give people a hand up while they’re getting back on their feet. Whatever short term crisis or change they’re facing, such as a loss in the family, loss of a job, poor health diagnosis or getting used to a new addition to the family, we can help.

We’re able to support the Wellington Women’s Refuge with much-needed charity meals thanks to our generous customers.

We’ve also formed a partnership to provide charity ready meals to support young mothers in need through House of Grace.

Let’s continue to bless them with gifted meals and make the change a better one until they are back on their feet again!

To learn more about our community work, find great recipes and get time-saving ideas for meal preparation check our DINNERin food blog.

If you’d like to get in touch about our community work, here’s how to contact us.

Just by ordering with DINNERin, you contribute to feeding someone else in need.