DINNERin believes in fresh, wholesome meals

With a wealth of knowledge and 75 years’ experience for just 5 of our chefs, DINNERin draws on each chef’s international background and abilities to create a “WOW factor” for each and every recipe and fresh produce menu creation. DINNERin utilises the expertise of our chefs with European, Asian and Indian backgrounds.

We pride ourselves on making sure that the recipes are healthy, interesting and change on a weekly basis; keeping the customer wanting to trial new flavours! We try to make sure that each menu is created to include a “family favourite”, a “new” flavour that may be something that hasn’t been tried before.

DINNERin is so pleased to make sure that no “gas flushing” or other preservatives are added – after all, our customers only want to eat fresh, chef-made produce – not chemicals!!

So when you order DINNERin, you can feel confident that the best fresh ingredients have been expertly and lovingly prepared to give you the very best heat n’ eat dinner experience AND you are helping to feed others who are in a “season of need”.